There’s nothing quite like automating or in the very least, making OS reloads easier. I love it, but that’s probably because I remember having to install Windows using 3.5″ floppy disks. Anyway, here’s to making Windows 8.1 installation easier.


  • Download updated drivers
  • Download updated programs (not in Ninite package)
  • Ensure personal files are properly backed up

After Windows 8.1 Installation

  • Windows updates
  • Install drivers
  • Hide extensions for known file types
  • Hide empty drives
  • Show hidden files, folders, and drives
  • Add “My Computer” icon to desktop (Right-click desktop -> Personalize -> Choose desktop icons)
  • – download some programs
  • Right-click taskbar and personalize Windows 8.1 settings
  • Setup shortcuts, startup optimization, and map drives (if necessary)
  • Personalize backgrounds (, screensaver, and power settings
  • Windows file recovery (Backup and Restore under Windows 7)

Here’s a great video that goes into more detail on the install:

The First 5 Things to Do After Installing Windows

Install latest drivers, update Windows, and then replace Internet Explorer with Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Access folder options to turn off hide extensions for known file types
    1. Also turn on hidden file display and hide empty drives off.
  2. Add a My Computer icon to the desktop
    1. Personalize > Change desktop Icons > Tick Computer
  3. Install small applications or utilities via
    1. Apps you’re going to install anyway. Rerun the installer to update.
  4. Specifically Windows 8.1 installation – Boot to desktop and disable charms.
    1. Under navigation settings in menu properties. Select show desktop or use classic shell (update: no longer actively developed).
  5. Windows beautification, AKA wallpapers via (update: no longer live).

Paul’s list is fairly close to mine. Very cool. Once you do this enough times, having little time savers or a productive system to move forward with is nice.

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