After seeing a few emails on the CompTIA Project+ PK1-005 beta exam and Brian Callahan’s experience with the Project+ beta exam, I decided to take the plunge.

It was a snap decision that gave me a week to prepare. I took the exam this morning, the last day to take the beta exam.

CompTIA Project+ PK1-005 Beta Exam Details

  • Exam Name: CompTIA Project+ Certification Beta Exam
  • Exam Code: PK1-005
  • Length of Exam: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: Maximum of 95 questions
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choice
  • Launch Date: 01/25/22
  • Retirement Date: 4/5/22
  • Exam Price: $50
  • Availability:  Global
  • Language:  English only
  • Exam Objectives: Download Exam Objectives Now

The estimated exam release date is October 2022. Due to beta exam scoring processes, participants will not know if they passed/earned the certification until that time.

Study Experience

I am not a project manager and there are no official study materials for this beta exam. So, I did the next best thing and downloaded the exam objectives and found a course that could potentially fit the bill within a week.

The Udemy course hasn’t been updated in years and is a couple of exam versions behind, but that’s ok.

I went through the whole course at 1.5x speed and finished it within the week. I completed the quizzes from each section but did not attempt the practice exams.

The instructor was knowledgeable and used great examples.

I did not spend time running through other materials. What surprised me as I went through the project management topics is that I saw a lot of what I learned in grad school, the CISSP exam, and my own IT and cybersecurity experience.

Exam Experience

I signed up to take the exam at home since my home office easily meets OnVUE’s requirements. The proctoring process went well enough, but I’m not sure if I will take another remote test.

The exam had roughly 115 questions and I finished in about an hour. I tried to keep a project manager hat on the whole exam and answer in that perspective. One of the more difficult tasks came with remembering the exact order of documentation (inputs vs. outputs).

There were a small handful of scrum and Agile questions that gave me pause. I should probably know more about these topics, but I just haven’t had a need to learn them in depth yet.


I took this Project+ beta exam for fun since there wasn’t much to lose. I got a chance to learn a little more about project management and a chance to be certified for $63 total (the public beta for $50 and the $13 Udemy course).

Even if I fail the exam, I lose a week of study time and $63. Not too bad.

So, did I pass? I’m not sure. I felt good enough, but the outcome could go either way. The beta exams do not display a score at the end so I’ll have to wait until October.

I liked the content of Project+. I think it could be a helpful exam for entry level project managers, business folks, and those in IT who want to step up their game.

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