The list below has a driver page link for the most common laptops. Most of these laptop driver websites offer an auto detect feature but if you are unsure about any particular hardware, a program entitled Unknown Device Identifier helps identify unknown devices (big surprise).

Go With Manufacturer Driver Websites

Note: If the auto detect feature is not available you can either navigate to your current laptop by name or enter the product number of the laptop to search for the drivers. If you opted to use the Unknown Device Identifier program, match the driver name and number with the one found on the support site.

Why Drivers Are Important

Drivers are the lifeblood of the devices attached to your computer. This is true no matter what type of device it is, whether it’s your input devices, output devices, internal or external, or anywhere in between.

These drivers are basically small programs that tell your computer how to communicate with and make sense of the data your device gives off. If you’ve ever experienced a poorly coded driver or had one corrupt on you, you know how big of a deal these are.

Malfunctioning drivers or missing drivers can literally prevent you from working. This is why you always get manufacturer’s drivers over 3rd party sites, even from Microsoft themselves (through Windows Update).

You should always keep your drivers up to date as much as possible.

What other laptop driver websites am I missing?

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