I love Markdown. I love it so much that after using it for a project I completely forgot about it.

Snark aside, bulletin boards and old forum software used to use markdown exclusively for posts in the early 00s. But this isn’t just old tech.

I all but forgot about it until I decided to give Trello a whirl. Trello is an online project management application that focuses on laying out the information in complete view. It’s an interesting take on collaboration and productivity.

And to be clear, I really do love Markdown!

How Text is Formatted in Your Trello Cards

Trello uses a modified version of the simple language used to format plaintext called Markdown.

Using Markdown syntax, you can add format to plaintext such as lists, paragraphs, headers, and more just like you can with HTML text. It’s a pretty neat little project.

You can read more about Markdown at Daring Fireball.

Compatibility for Basic Markdown Syntax

Where it Works

  • Your Trello bio
  • Checklists
  • Comments
  • Card description
Where it Doesn’t Work

  • Card titles
  • Some issues in displaying some syntax in the Trello mobile app

More Details on Trello Basic Markdown Compatibility

Type Your Trello Bio Checklist Comments Card Description
Inline code
Horizontal line
Code block
Block quotes
Embedded images

Trello Basic Markdown Examples

Type Syntax Example Usage Example Result Notes
Bold ** Example **bold** Example bold
Italics _ Example _italic_ Example italic Can also use single asterisks
Strikethrough ~~ Example ~~strikethrough~~ Example strikethrough Cross out text
Inline code ` Example `code` Example code Inline formatted code
Links []() [BoR](https://davistechmedia.com) BoR Link text and URL
Horizontal line ‐‐‐ ‐‐‐
Add space in between text otherwise this is a H2
Code block “` “`
test 1
test 2
test 1
test 2
Think of this as <pre> formatting
Block quotes > >test1

test 1
test 2

Space after greater than or not
Unordered lists – test 1
– test 2
  • test 1
  • test 2
Must have space after hyphen and space between lines
Ordered lists 1. 1. test 1
2. test 2
  1. test 1
  2. test 2
Must have period and space after number and space between lines
Headers # ###Header 3 Example

Header 3 Example

# per header level
Embedded images ![]() ![Trello Logo](/path/to/trello-logo-white.svg) Trello Logo Alt text and image path

Wrap Up

Another good Markdown resource is at Markdown Guide. They are a free and open-source reference guide on how to use Markdown. It lays everything out in a super easy to read and easy to understand manner. I dig it.

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