When you’re looking to disable language bar you configure it to not run on startup or you attempt to close the bar. The problem is the pesky thing always seems to come back.

Skinned Language Bar

Try this:

  • Click Start > Run
  • Type: regsvr32.exe /u msutb.dll and hit enter
  • If you ever want it back for some reason, type regsvr32 msutb.dll in the run box

It should be gone for good. I always hated having extra stuff open on my Start Menu and Notification Area. If you’re the same way, this should be a welcome fix for you.

Control Panel Option

Besides unregistering and registering services, you can get to the Language Bar from the Control Panel.

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
  • Under the Languages tab, look for the Text Services and Input Languages box
  • Click on Details… > Settings > Language Bar… button under the Preferences box
  • Now tick the top box Show Language bar on desktop then keep click OK until you get back to the desktop.

Registry Entry Option

In case you’re wondering, the registry entry for the Language Bar is at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CTF\LangBar.

The key you’re looking for is ShowStatus. It should be set to 4 for enabled and 0 for disabled. This setting actually shows the Language Bar on the Taskbar.


There you go. There’s 3 ways to enable or disable Language Bar in Windows XP. For further reading you can check out the Language Bar Disappeared question in Microsoft Technet.

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