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Whether you're an individual, freelancer, entrepreneur, business owner, or simply a hobbyist, you need a websiteWebsite Jolt is the hub to help you get your website up quickly, even if you have little to no skill and have no idea where to start.

Choose Domain Name

Think of an awesome name for your website. Something that tells what your website is about and something you can comfortably grow into.

Choose Website Builder

Think of how you want your website structured and how you want to manage your content. For most of you, just choose WordPress and move on.

Choose Hosting Provider

There have always been a large number of hosts, even before they were acquired one by one by large companies. Pick a fast, secure reputable on.

Choose Website Theme

Make your website look as good but make it functional over flashy. If you picked WordPress, purchase a reputable professional theme. They are absolutely worth the money.


Create Great Content

Once you have the basics setup, it's time to go ham on great written articles that people are searching for. This is the most important step in this process.

Setup Extensibility

Once you have content to fill in your website, you can add additional necessary functionality to your website. This is analytics, plugins, and other addons you need.

Market Until You Drop

Once you have the ability to serve your readers, created quality content, and overall setup a working website, it's time to get those lovely readers who need your help.

Major Steps

Trusted Resources

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

Make Your Website a Priority.

I Certainly Do. See How on Website Jolt.

Step 1: Choose an Awesome Website Name

Website names (Domains) starting at $3.98/year from Namecheap. Can't think of a good website name? Check out the How to Choose an Awesome Domain Name article.

Enter website name below to see if it's available for purchase:

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Step 2: Choose a Website Builder

I recommend WordPress overall for maximum power. If you're wanting more of an explanation or selection check out the Website Builder page below or take a peek at my list for the top 5 best website builders.

Step 3: Get Awesome Hosting

There are a ton of hosts out there and unfortunately, no shortage of hosts that suck. See the Hosting page below for more hosting information or check out my recommended hosting choices.

If you chose a hosted website builder in Step 2, you can skip this step.

Step 4: Get a Great Theme

If you didn't choose WordPress as your website builder, go ahead and choose the look and feel of your website. Don't spend more than 1 hour customizing the look after choosing a theme. After you made your website presentable you can skip this step and move on to Step 5.

If you did choose WordPress as your website builder, click the button below to head to the Themes page.

Step 5: Fuel that Content Creation Engine

Content is more than king, it's the lifeblood of your web presence. Set a schedule, research, and then write that content.

Besides the link to the Content Creation page below, one article that may help jumpstart your creative efforts is the Barebones Guide to Starting a Blog post.


Step 6: Setup Extensibility

Add plugins, widgets, scripts and more to customize the functionality of your website. Do the bare minimum for now as content and marketing are more important – Steps 5 and 7.

You'll want some type of tracking because what gets measured, gets improved. See the Extend page for more below or check out my post on UTM Tags to get you started.

Step 7: Fire up Outreach Campaign

Guest posting, press releases, answering questions, social media, and more. Besides getting your website started and creating amazing content, this is probably the most important piece.

Jump to the Marketing page below or check out this quick idea list of potential traffic sources.

Already Have a Website?

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