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Recommended Domain Resources


Domain Registrar and Other Web Presence Tools

There are a ton of registrars out there and a lot of them suck. Namecheap is one of the good ones. Regardless if you're an individual, business, or reseller, they got you covered.

I host a few domains with them and a few email accounts as well. Whenever I've had questions or needed support, they've answered in less than a day.

Normal price for a domain is $10.88/year. Don't be surprised if you find a special price for your first year.

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Google Domains

Google's Domain Registrar Service

Google Domains is an interesting registrar option. It's interesting in that the service is in beta and the starting price is more expensive than you'll find in other places.

Advantages include using Googles infrastructure, simple domain management tools, and private registration for free, without private renewals. I have a few domains registered with Google and have been happy with the service.

No issues to date and hopefully it will stay that way as Google has a bad reputation for poor customer service.

Domains start at $12/year.

Visit Google Domains

Recommended Website Builder Resources


Open Source Website Builder

WordPress is the tested, free software used by nearly a third of the web. It helps you prototype or build a web presence so quickly, that it's my go to tool at my main job, freelance, and business endeavors.

If you see a cost to use WordPress, you're most likely looking at The .com flavor is still really good as it's more of a turnkey solution. After all, it's brought to you by the same company – Automattic. You can download the WordPress software for free at I've covered the differences between and in the blog.

If you go the free version route, you don't even have to worry about downloading it anymore. Most web hosts these days include a 1-click installer.


Recommended Hosting Resources


Premium Managed WP Hosting

This is the WordPress hosting company I use for not only my sites, but my client's sites as well. It's built for those who don't understand techie things and for designers who appreciate good looking web software. It's super easy to use and they have good support. Plans start at $25/month.

Visit Flywheel

Recommended Theme Resources


Elegant Themes' Flagship Premium WordPress Theme

I've purchased so many WordPress themes and theme bundles over the years. I got to say one of my favorites is Divi by Elegant Themes. Their products are intuitive and easy to use and their support is great.

I use Divi for 2 other sites I operate, and I have also used this theme for several client websites over the years. Plans start at $89/year.

I'm currently using Minus by Thrive Themes on Website Jolt. This will change in the future as they don't even sell this theme anymore.

Visit Elegant Themes

Recommended Content Creation Resources

The Content Confidence Checklist

A Mini Workshop to Help Develop Strong Content

If you're struggling to write good content or you lack confidence that your content is good, check this resource by Copyblogger (Rainmaker Digital) out. I bought this and it has definitely improved my writing.

Those with quick wit will say my writing still needs to improve. I agree. Your writing needs to improve too. 🙂

Sonia did a good job here. Snag this collection for only $7. That's right, a couple documents and an audio file for only $7. I'm not an affiliate, I just like this offering. This little package has a big punch. Start improving the quality and effectiveness of your content today.

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Recommended Extension Resources

Google Analytics

Business Grade Web Analytics Service

I haven't ventured too far off the beaten path when it comes to analytics solutions. As of right now, I prefer to keep my analytics engine along with the same suite of tools as G Suite and Google Search Console.

If you don't know, Google Analytics collects and organizes stats based on website traffic inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. When you have multiple pieces of information together you can track funnels and outcomes.

It's not super friendly to use at it is convenient to setup. I'll provide more content on this in the future. It's free to use but integration with Google Adwords (running the ads) will cost you some coin.

Visit Google Analytics

Recommended Marketing Resources

Social Report

Complete Social Media Management Platform

This all-in-one social media management platform probably has more features than any other social media management platform. I've tried 3 other management solutions before this and this product is the only one that offers the features it does within the number social profiles I need for the price.

It also looks nice too. As with any web product I gush over, the support is really good. They had to help me twice in a span of a few months. They've fixed the issue quickly both times.

Plans start at $50/month.

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