Sometimes things get dislodged and cause bizarre Windows laptop errors.

If you have a laptop that is not letting you log in or is exhibiting other weird errors, such as display errors, try the following:

  1. Restart the laptop and try again.
  2. Turn off the laptop.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Bleed the power by holding the power button with the battery removed.
  5. Remove and reseat the RAM.
  6. Remove and reseat the hard drive.

Note: If the laptop still gives weird errors consider repairing the Windows installation or doing a clean install.

Note 2: You can also check to make sure the drivers are loading. Check out your Device Manager and the Services tab.

Start of Hardware Problems?

If hardware issues still persist, you may be experience the beginning stages of hardware failure.

Here are a couple tests to try:

  • CrystalDiskInfo – tests hard drive or SSDs.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic – just search for it in Vista and above and it comes up. The XP diagnostic tool was a separate application that is no longer available.
  • Performance Monitor and Reliability Monitor – tests processor time and overall reliability (based on a scale). Just search for these,  they’ve been available since Vista.

If you do find issues that indicate you’re hardware is failing, be sure to backup your data and start planning for your replacement parts (or laptop in its entirety) before it’s too late.

Beware of Malware

This post is mostly referring to strange technological errors, but if your laptop is running poorly, that may be an indication of malware infection.

Performance issues such as:

  • Slow computer performance, both Internet speed and file access speed.
  • Configuration changes are made without your knowledge, such as wallpaper and screensaver.
  • Additional programs or ads have been installed.
  • Parts of your computer, like the control panel or other settings, are unavailable to you.
  • You get new files or shortcuts to files.
  • Your antivirus is disabled or displaying a large number of error messages.

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