What’s a Top 5 Passwords list without a good top 5 pins list. Just like passwords though, people usually aren’t as good being unique as they think they are. Some don’t even try.

David Harley originally discussed a data set of common PINs compiled by Daniel Amitay in a Virus Bulletin article called Hearing a PIN drop.

If one of these PINs is your PIN, then you need to change it immediately. Furthermore, if your PIN is anything found in the article, then you need to change it immediately. Here is the top 5:

  1. 1234
  2. 0000
  3. 2580
  4. 1111
  5. 5555

Nothing in this top 5 should surprise you. This list was pulled from a bigger list compiled by Daniel Amitay.

If you want to read up on strategies you can use to choose and memorize PINs, take a look at PIN Holes: Passcode Selection Strategies.

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