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Your side hustle doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun and able to make money


You know what’s cool about making so many websites through WordPress? They’re super easy to make and people are willing to pay several thousands of dollars to get you to make one.

Amazon Associates

I wondered constantly if affiliate marketing through Amazon was still worth doing. Even after all this time, the high saturation, and the lower commissions, it’s still worth looking into.


This online course platform has really caught my eye recently. I’m still learning quite a bit, even after several thousands of students and 4 released courses.


The OG of online auctions isn’t the best place to sell online, but it is one of the most reliable places you can post. Leverage my near 2 decade long run of this beast.

Type of Content You’ll Find Here


Information on online money making platforms

Online platforms like eBay, Udemy, and more.


Entrepreneurship and online marketing

I’ll share with you some of the best materials and courses I find.


Many things WordPress

WordPress isn’t just a popular blogging system. It’s also one of the easiest ways to quickly serve information and make money.

Why Stick Around?

I like to tinker. And what started as hobbies led to a couple sources of income and the ability to meet some new awesome people.

Multiple sources of income mean flexibility. Flexibility means control over your finances, control over your career, and the pursuit of other opportunities.

Take a look around this site to get a couple ideas for a side income source. My goal is to show you possibilities. I haven’t even thought about monetization on this site yet. In fact I’m currently writing 2 free ultimate guides to get you started that will kick the ass of multi-hundred dollar products I’ve bought before.

If you’d like to, use the contact page to reach out. Tell me what’s on your mind or just say hi. I may not be able to reply to everyone but I’ll read every email.

Thanks and have a great day!


Other Ways to Make Money

  • Freelancing
  • Create a service business – cleaning, painting, consulting, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Lead sales
  • Social Media Content Creator/Influencer
  • Print-on-demand products – shirts, hoodies, hats, phone cases, coffee mugs, posters, etc.
  • eBooks or book publishing
  • Podcasting or web shows
  • Direct consumer supported content – Patreon, Locals, self-hosted membership solution
  • SaaS or Software – scripts, plugins, services, themes, etc.
  • Web consulting/design/development


Don’t worry, this isn’t some throw away internet marketing website that shills untested and lazy products. The goal is to show you it’s possible to make money from your side projects.

What This Website Is About

Ideas for Career Advancement

If you’re anything like me, you work hard and anticipate things that need to be done before they’re even asked for. You do all the right things and come up with good ideas and implement them.

The workplace would be much different without you. However, the bosses take you for granted and you rarely get the recognition you deserve. This also comes with a lower salary than what you’re worth.

If this describes you as well, you need to look at firing up a side project.

Cash for Professional Development

Sometimes you want to buy a course, certification, conference, travel, business clothes, and more but you either don’t have the funds or your job just won’t cover it.

Or what’s probably more relatable, your job may cover some stuff but the stuff you want to learn that could be related, just isn’t justified by your job to cover it.

Startup a side income project and never miss out on your professional development opportunities again.

Extra Fun Money

It doesn’t have to be all business. Sometimes your salary covers your expenses and debts and you need the extra cash to actually live your life.

If you aren’t out of debt yet, *cough* student loans *cough*, use the extra cash to rid yourself of the pestilence known as debt.

If you are out of debt, use the extra cash from your side income project to live the life you always wanted.

That next vacation? No problem. Want to upgrade your tech? Piece of cake.


What I’m All About

I’m happy to give most of my information away for free. I’ve adopted Ramit Sethi’s outlook of providing 98% of the information away for free. I also believe that education is worth paying for and the best information should come at a premium.

However, not all courses and information, regardless of how it’s priced, is worthwhile. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past 20 years on information. A good portion of those courses I bought were complete garbage. The goal for this website is to:

  • Help introduce you to a side project that gets you excited.
  • Help you get started earning cash as soon as possible.
    • It will still be work! Don’t think this is get rich quick kind of stuff. It’s NOT.
  • Help you tackle the tech, even if you are tech averse. You’ll learn to love the tech!
  • Tell you like it is and not lead you to believe you will easily make 6 figures in your underwear.
  • Give you productivity tools and tactics to make sure you stay on track.
    • It’s not all about tools, but I can help free your mind on this respect.
  • Get you to strive for more, whatever more is to you. Having options is amazing!

Once you start having fun and monetizing your side projects, you’ll be open to a whole other side of the world. Let me know what I can do to help.

To your success,


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