Reformatting is a basic tech skillset. Read this brief guide to discover how to reformat Ubuntu 12.x.

Reformat Ubuntu 12.x Computer

  1. Insert the CD/DVD and reboot the computer to the disc.
  2. Choose English (default) as the language and click Continue.
  3. Click Install Ubuntu.
  4. After a brief loading stage, reselect English (default) and click Forward.
  5. Choose the time zone and click Forward.
  6. Choose the keyboard layout and click Forward.
  7. Choose the hard drive you wish to reformat.
  8. Select Entire Disk, which will automatically format the entire hard drive and install Ubuntu.

General Facts

  • Ubuntu and programs installed are updated through the update managers.
  • There is no System Restore function.
  • Anti-virus programs are usually not necessary.
  • You can turn on the firewall by opening the Terminal and typing sudo ufw enable.
  • Network connections are configured under System > Preferences > Network Connections.

If your company doesn’t use Ubuntu or even Linux period, this will a fun little project to play with at home.

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