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Side Income Project ( was a fun project with guides, tips, and advice I learned in the last 2 decades on starting and building a side income. The target audience was those who are looking for more money, especially those who work hard and have little to show for it. This project, Side Income Project, is now part of Davis Tech Media.

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Was Side Income Project Successful?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering if this project was successful. I learned some great stuff, but this project was not successful.

At its core, Side Income Project was a basic website that helps those who are underpaid and underappreciated by leveling the playing field.

I was the type of person who did what they were told and made decisions based on that and got nowhere. I was underpaid for my work most of the time so I decided to focus most of my energy outside of my day job so I could actually get results.

This project excites me but I wasn’t able to put as much work into it as I wanted to. I had only written 15 articles and the ultimate guides are nowhere near completion at this time of writing. That’s not very good for a niche that’s difficult to get into.

As a result, there was virtually no traffic to this website.

So I decided to merge it with Davis Tech Media so I can manage one less website and then return to this project when I have time.

What About the Old Domain?

What I Learned With The Side Income Project

  • Earning a side income is only a solution to part of the problem.
  • It’s difficult to rank in this niche.
  • It can be difficult to gain trust in this niche (my free ultimate guides would change that as they will be better than most paid products that cost hundreds of dollars).
  • Making my websites more useful.
  • Positioning and branding.
  • Writing better About pages.
  • Affiliate marketing, but good content first.
  • Divi Theme (migrated to Divi – also used builder and custom styling).
  • Thrive Themes (previously used Rise – not sold anymore).
Snippet of Side Income Project Home Page
  • WordPress custom functions.

So What Now?

In the future, I will write about what’s working for me, what didn’t work for me, getting your head right, some non-obvious things about money, how to avoid marketing hype that doesn’t work and more.

I think this stuff is great, not only for budding entrepreneurs but also in the workplace as well.

The funny thing is, that the stuff I studied and worked towards actually made me a better employee. I still work a regular day job!

For the time being, I merged this content with my main site, Davis Tech Media so I don’t have to manage a separate website. I also created a special landing page to help commemorate this great project, just like with other projects.

This special landing page is a one-page simplification of the whole website redesign in Divi.

You can get to this special landing page by going to


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August 13, 2019

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