Thinking about using a mechanical keyboard but not sure where to start? Mechanical keyboard switch testers can really help out here.

Especially if you are curious about the different MX switches available. Get a switch sampler from any one of the popular mechanical keyboard manufacturers.

Mechanical switches have been around for decades but have been more popular recently do to design upgrades and the emphasis for gaming.

The following video is pretty good on getting you up to speed on mechanical keyboards and the array of switches they can come with.

I ended up getting the CM Storm Mechanical Key Switch Demo Board. I’m very happy with it. If even comes with a $20 coupon towards the keyboard of your choice so you really aren’t out the money you spent on it.

Very cool Cooler Master, very cool. Pun intended. ;p

Even if you don’t go with CM Storm, you have plenty of other great choices to go with.

That’s all for this mechanical keyboard switch testers overview. Which switch do you like? Did you get a switch tester to find out?

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