Here’s a Mac quick laptop reformat guide on computers with 10.7 lion and 10.6 snow leopard installed.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard

Using a CD/USB:

  1. Format All Partitions
  2. Install OS
  3. Enable automatic updating
  4. Enable the firewall

Using a Recovery Partition:

  1. Power on the laptop, holding ‘Command+R’
  2. Boot into the recovery partition
  3. Format all other partitions and install OS.
  4. Enable automatic updating
  5. Enable the firewall

Note: To see more detailed instructions on the Mac reformat process, please refer to the detailed laptop reformat guide.

Note 2: OS X 10.7, Lion, has bit of a planning process when it comes to installing and recovery. Macworld has a good article on the different ways to restore an OS X Lion drive if you want to read up on the different ways to reinstall the Lion operating system.

Why Reformat

There’s all kinds of reasons why you want to install a fresh copy of your operating system.

If you use any computer long enough, you get leftover files from patches and downloads. Sometimes your computer may be glitching or having some type of unexplained performance issue. Not to mention if you get hit by a virus or some other type of malware.

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