Join me for some info on the Mac Lion trojan.flashback virus. That’s for Macs running OS X 10.7.

Name: Trojan.Flashback

Type: Java Exploit

Description: This virus can install remotely without user interaction with machines running older versions of Java. This virus may have posed as a fake Java or even an Adobe update. The Adobe Patch was released on April 4th, 2012.

A flashback checker tool is available, however, all Mac Java software should be updated. Despite having this virus removed, a format is strongly recommended.

Reformat recap:

  • Snow Leopard – uses recovery CDs
  • Lion – uses recovery partition that is internet based. Can also use recovery USB (1GB interned based or 8GB full install)

1. Boot into computer

2. Format drive and DO NOT RESTART

3. Install OS X

3a. If necessary, set static IPs or proxies before attempted installation

That’s all for now on the Mac Lion Trojan.FlashBack virus. You can try to remove and fix up the computer but I would totally recommend rebuilding the Mac to make sure there are no traces of this malware on your computer. Feel free to check out the reformat guide for more information on rebuilding your Lion computer.

Once you get back up and running, be careful on clicking on those links. Those update messages are built into the infected web pages.

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