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Excel 2016 Quick Reference Laminated Cards

Excel 2016 Quick Reference Laminated Cards

I present to you, quick Excel 2016 spreadsheet knowledge in laminated guide goodness. Of course you can make these yourself but they are cheap enough pickup and keep near your workstation. Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction Reference Card (instructions, tips, and...

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Excel Curriculum by Difficulty

The beginner’s guide to Excel is available now! The curriculum the next intermediate version is done. Let me know if I should finish and release it.

I also have enough material to make the curriculum of the final advanced version. Also let me know if I should work on it more. This part is my favorite as this one has the potential to make you a boat load of money. It involves tricks taught by MBA programs and used in companies around the world.

Beginner Excel

Beginner tips to start using Excel strategically.

  • Interface and ribbon walkthrough.
  • Math and stat functions.
  • Other important functions for beginners.
  • Function libraries.
  • References and range names.
  • Calculations and subtotals.
  • Auditing and error correction.

Intermediate Excel

How to use and manage data effectively.

  • Reformatting data and flash fill.
  • Using lookups and indexes.
  • Using charts, graphs, and pivot tables.
  • Turning rows of data into maps.
  • Personal finance project exercises – debt payoff calculator, rule of 72, etc.
  • Extra tips for using Excel (get rid of empty rows).

Advanced Excel

Using Excel for modeling and other business purposes.

Excel Application Links by Store

The first three links will take you to the free Excel applications at their respective platform. The last link to Amazon is an affiliate link to buy the Office 365 platform (highly recommended).

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