I present to you, quick Excel 2016 spreadsheet knowledge in laminated guide goodness.

Of course you can make these yourself but they are cheap enough pickup and keep near your workstation.

Excel 2016 Introduction Reference Card

Microsoft Excel 2016 Introduction Reference Card (instructions, tips, and shortcuts)

Microsoft Excel 2016 Functions and Formulas Reference Card (examples and context)

Microsoft Excel 2016 Tables, PivotTables, Sorting, Filtering, and Inquire Reference Card (instructions, tips, and shortcuts)


I love these types of resources because there seems to always be a pesky formula or something in my workflow that I completely blank on.

Books and PDFs are great, but quickly being able to pull out a sheet and find the section you need makes the productivity side of me excited.

More Excel resources and content will come to the blog.

Update 6/2017: I define basic Excel terms in the first Excel article. More content to come!

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