Here’s an example IT teaching philosophy for an adjunct instructor position for an educational institution.

Think of this as a case study.

Note the good and the bad aspects of this piece of the job application.

IT Teaching Philosophy

The students of today need to be swift and imaginative. Therefore, it’s imperative for educators to guide students to become an intelligent, purposeful resource in the classroom and ultimately, the workplace. As a potential IT teacher in the college of business, I realize that most people will not be pursuing a career in the IT field. However, it is vital to give all students an understanding of technology and security to keep organizations running as smoothly and as healthy as possible.

It is important as an educator to offer a level of transparency. This level of transparency allows for clear cut goals and objectives. If every student knows what lies before them, they will have more motivation to complete the tasks. A motivated student can do great things, especially if excellence is expected by the educator.

As an educator I wish to offer a safe environment where students can share opinions and experiences, and most importantly ask questions and interact with myself and other students. It’s beneficial to promote diversity and allow students with all learning styles to be able to understand the material. I’ve seen business men and women lack IT knowledge and skills and I’ve also seen business men and women with strong technical knowledge and skills. I wish to level the playing field by helping equip our future leaders with knowledge and skill in an area I’m passionate in.

If we create an understanding of technology and security, we can work together to break down the barriers of interoffice communication. Lastly, a good student never stops learning. Learning can involve reading about or trying new things or learning can simply involve making mistakes. I continue to learn new things and read current events as often as I can. I wish to impart this important facet of life to all my future students.


What do you think? Is this good enough to get an adjunct teaching position? How do you think this person fared? If it’s not good, what would you change? Let me know in the comments below.

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