Before you clean that screen again, double check to make sure you’re following safe LCD monitor cleaning practices.

Safe LCD Monitor Cleaning Do’s

  • Do turn off the monitor and allow it to cool down
  • Do be careful cleaning the monitor as to not tip it over
  • Do use a microfiber cloth
  • Do use distilled water if you wish
  • Do slightly dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water or non-alcoholic solution
  • Do allow the screen to dry before powering on


  • Do not press too hard on the screen
  • Do not use an abrasive cloth or paper products
  • Do not use overly moist wipes
  • Do not use tap water, the minerals in the water will leave smears on the screen
  • Do not use alcohol, window sprays, ammonia, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals
  • Do not spray solution directly on screen

Are these cleaning practices consistent with what you’ve heard? Do you have any tips for cleaning your screens that are safe?

Update: here’s a quick video on safe screen cleaning I found that is pretty good:

Again, don’t use window cleaner on your screens. If you see people saying they use Windex on their Windows computers, this is a joke. I know this is a “duh” moment, but some people take satire seriously for some reason.

Update 2: this guide to cleaning your LCD monitor screen on HowToGeek is pretty good as well.

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