Windows 7 has been out for a while now so I’m sure you’ve run into a stubborn file or folder that refuses to delete. This post shows you how to delete locked files in Windows 7.

If your file is constantly in use. Try out LockHunter. I’ve personally used and tested it. It doesn’t work all of the time but it does come in handy. Check it out at

If your file has some sort of permissions issue then you should use a safe registry hack to take ownership of that file.

  • Unzip the 2 registry keys
  • Right click on Add_Take_Ownership.reg and select Merge
  • Right click locked file and click Take Ownership
  • The zipped file also comes with a remove option which you should probably use when your done
  • Right click on Remove_Take_Ownership.reg and Select Merge

Note: These tips should work on Windows Vista as well.

That’s how to delete locked files in Windows 7. You may have to restart, take ownership, or kill all tied up tasks and services to remove the choke hold. Let me know what worked for you.

Another annoying bit that Windows 7 can do, if you don’t know about this feature, is prevent you from writing to Program Files. Learn more about why and what to do about it in the link above.

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