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I personally believe we’re beyond the point for needing something to help us remember passwords.

I have over 350 logins (passwords) and keeping up with them individually or writing them down would be absurd.

What Are Password Managers?

Just so we’re on the same page here, password managers are programs that allow you to store text in what is essentially a digital vault, an encrypted file or storage space. Some password managers run locally on your machine so you can store passwords and other text in an encrypted file.

Other password managers run in the cloud so you can store your passwords and other text in an encrypted space in their storage system. If this explanation sounds like putting all your eggs in one basket, you’d be justified in being frightened.

It sure beats writing them down or storing them in a file on your computer that you manually add and make alterations to. The operation productivity alone is worth using a password manager. Just find one or two that you trust!


If you have anything on your mind regarding passwords, including whether you use a local password manager like KeePass or a cloud version, let me know in the comments below.

In the mean time, check out other topics in relation to passwords, including my take on NIST’s recommendation to modify complex password requirements and a look at the top 5 passwords (old sources but links to other fascinating password research information).

Thanks for taking the password manager quiz and be safe out there!

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