About Roy

Hello! I help protect professionals, VIPs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Have you ever acquired some tech, regardless of whether it’s personal or enterprise, and realized it isn’t what it was cracked up to be?

Ever worked with a managed service provider or a 3rd party reseller who’s more interested in sales than relationship building?

What about receiving bad support that probably couldn’t even diagnose a missing computer?

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First thing, I certainly hope you’ve worked with the converse of the above – great people who put the craft above themselves. But either way, if you stick around, you’ll learn a few ways IT and cybersecurity can really help you meet your goals or business objectives. Those cost centers don’t have to be a black hole where a part of your budget goes to die.

That’s the focus here at Davis Tech Media. Not only can you expect great IT and cybersecurity content, you can also expect business and people related content.

Hi, I’m Roy, I created Davis Tech Media to help people level up their digital skills. The previous iterations of this site had humble beginnings. The very first site was started when I was in college to blog about my interests and other fun stuff on the Internet.

From there, the site turned into a portfolio site and eventually turned into the collection of professional and enthusiast interests you see now. I’m originally an IT person by trade but transitioned to Cyber Security in 2014.

Take a look around to find solutions for up and coming pros, all the way up to enterprise level solutions. Let me know how I can help.


What People Are Saying

Roy has helped us develop our cybersecurity program from nothing. I know he will do well in new ventures.

IT Director

Local Government

Roy was instrumental inĀ improving the view of IT within the Company and sharing his knowledge…


Large Enterprise

Roy and his team were an asset to the campus. Thank you for providing stellar customer service.

IT Director

State University

My Mission, Including the Diverse Range of Content

Simply put I’m interested in many things and I subscribe to the notion that you should write up your journies, experiences, and insights and share them so others may benefit.

I had always been a note taker, a goal writer, and overall documentation weirdo. If I went through something, there’s a checklist stashed somewhere. I have so many handwritten notes in addition to my digital office documents and Evernotes.

What’s interesting though is the website topics I’m interested in aren’t exactly opposites of each other. Do you think information security and cybersecurity are important to WordPress and internet businesses as a whole? Of course. What about IT certifications and side hustles? Can there be some overlap in those topics? You betcha.

It doesn’t stop there. Becoming an MBA superstar and learning internet marketing made me a better IT security professional a thousand times over.

I want to experience new things and meet cool new people. Why not help you or another reader do the same? If a particular topic interests you, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

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