I received notice from a cloud service provider I use about how they were prepared for the potential effects of hurricane Irma. This is a great business continuity example. The location of the server I use is in Atlanta.

Atlanta Severe Weather Notice

2017-09-08 21:27:00

Our Atlanta datacenter is fully prepared for the potential effects of Irma. The facility will be fully staffed throughout the storm.

The following summarizes efforts to proactively prepare and maintain continuous operations:

– Fuel levels have been topped off and generators tested.

– All critical equipment has been tested.

– Drainage boxes have been checked.

– Garbage has been removed from premises.

– On site supplies have been refilled.

While we do not anticipate any loss of service in this region, we will update this posting as the storm progresses. Please ensure you have backups of all mission-critical data at all times.

I can safely say their plan worked, as I never lost connectivity to my cloud apps before, during, or after the storm.

Way to go Vultr!

Disclosure: While this is a genuinely positive reaction to their business continuity planning, you should know that I am an affiliate and may earn a small referral fee if you use my link to signup for their service.

Do you have a business continuity example you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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