I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic after my last post on the Abridged History of Windows. So, let’s take a look at 26 things that show personal computing has come a long way!

Do you remember:

Hardware Has Come A Long Way

  1. Booting from a floppy disc
  2. Knowing how to wire the insides of a computer, before the wire ends were shipped keyed
  3. Using jumpers to set IRQs
  4. Using jumpers to designate hard drives
  5. Daisy chaining SCSI devices while making sure the IDs are different
  6. Removable storage before the popularity of USB flash drives – 5.25″ and and 3.5″ floppies, Zip discs, CD-Rs, etc.
  7. Worrying about filling up your hard drive
  8. When defragmenting your hard drive or RAM was necessary
  9. When adding RAM to your PC was the way to improve your performance
  10. Noise of the dial up modem when trying to connect to the internet
  11. Using a typewriter when you couldn’t print from work or the library
  12. The noise of a dot matrix printer
  13. Playing with the preforated sides of the dot matrix printer paper


  1. Basic color screens
  2. DOS
  3. Files or software being in the KB range
  4. Running a setup utility before starting your games or applications
  5. Having to uninstall an application in order to install updates or the updated application
  6. Using Winamp (R.I.P.)


  1. Using AOL Instant Messenger
  2. Getting upwards of 100 free AOL internet CDs in the mail
  3. NCSA Mosaic and the subsequent Netscape Navigator versus Internet Explorer war
  4. Tripod and Geocities
  5. Using many search engines to find what you want
  6. Waiting several minutes or even hours to download a file in the low MBs (<= 5MBs)
  7. Sharing Internet connections with other PCs

If I can think of more ways on how personal computing has come a long way, I will most certainly add them! What do you remember in the days of yore?

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