101 Ways to Magnetize Money...in Any Economy

by Matt Furey

101 Ways to Magnetize Money Book Review

Matt Furey was one of the first entrepreneurs I studied. Probably the first.

His approach to money is fascinating. Once I got a hold of this book, I didn’t put it down until I finished it.

This short book is a book of reminders.

Onward to the Takeaways

I’ll continue to upgrade my beliefs about myself.

I’ll start seeing myself as 10 feet tall instead of 3 feet tall.

I’ll begin to feel myself getting richer everyday in every way.

I’ll find the money instead of “I can’t afford it.”

I’ll focus more on making money. All other goals can wait as they require money. I’ll strive to not obsess over money.

I’ll count my assets more often.

I’ll be thankful for everything I have.

I’ll express gratitude more often.

I’ll smile more, in front of and away from the mirror.

I’ll imagine money raining upon me.

I’ll envision a money pipeline.

I’ll keep trying when I hear “no.” When someone tells me “no,” I am one step closer to getting a “yes”. Not everyone will say “no”, no matter how often I hear it.

I’ll strive to interview successful people.

I’ll see gold dust in the air.

I’ll practice selling and speaking in the mirror.

I’ll change course frequently but I will never give up.

I’ll see myself on the 1-yard line.

I’ll focus on my breathing more often.

I’ll do one thing at a time.

I’ll strive to stop renting and buy a house. I’ll think big and pay the mortgage off as soon as possible.

I won’t get cocky.

I’ll keep my mind open.

I’ll never stop learning.

I’ll think “I am making money as I sleep” before going to bed at night.


Matt Furey


Pages: 123

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